Making a Liar of Me

Only yesterday I posted that the Bluegill seemed to have disappeared from a local pond I sometimes haunt. I stopped by the pond, between errands, only a few hours after posting that. Imagine my surprise, after catching a 10 inch bass, (I catch a lot of those in this pond) to also catch this guy. This pond used to produce a lot of these. I’m hoping they’ll rebound in a big way.

In case there’s a correlation here, I’d also like to go on record saying that I’ve never caught an eight pound bass in this pond.

I’ll let you know.


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Urban Fishing Update

A few days ago I stopped by a favorite pond. I’ve seen this pond go through quite a transformation. A few years ago I started fishing this neighborhood pond with my kids. At that time we were using bait cast rigs and throwing, almost exclusively, 4″ senko worms.

Since then a few things have happened.
1. I started fly fishing this pond.
2. The pond was almost completely drained to facilitate some work on a leaky dam.

When I started fly fishing this water, I began catching not only bass, but some pretty respectable bluegill as well. Then the dam broke. That’s not a metaphor, is is so often is, but I really mean the dam broke. It started leaking and I saw almost all the water drained, and almost all the fish killed.

It’s been a few years since the pond has been repaired. I’m starting to see a few 3 lb bass, even though a few of those I’ve seen as other fishermen have plopped them into their buckets to take home. .

The bluegill have not been restocked, and they do not seem to be reproducing in the pond. At least not like before.

Hopefully this pond will continue to improve. I would suggest a few catch and release signs as a start . . .





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a summer haiku



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To The Place Where It Sets

Think about it: If you travel North long enough, you’ll eventually start heading South. Or, continuing South, you will one day eventually start the trip up North again. But what if you head West (young man)? You can chase that sunset all day, but if you keep heading West, you will never, ever automatically change to an Eastern heading. Or, perhaps you wish to greet the Sunrise and head East. Keep going as long as you want, but until you decide to turn around you’ll still be traveling East.

East. West. Sunrise. Sunset.

God has a few things to say about these.

As far as the east is from the west, so far has he removed our transgressions from us. (Psalm 103:12 NIV)

From the rising of the sun to the place where it sets, the name of the Lord is to be praised. (Psalm 113:3 NIV)

Something to think about while greeting the day, or putting it to bed.





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Photo Update 6/27/14

I got out to fish early this morning, but the wind was blowing pretty hard. I try not to be a wimp about the wind, because it is always windy where I Iive. 20 mph winds with a 7’6″ 3 wt, however, was just too much today. So I unstrung my rod, spent a minute organizing the small streamer box I pulled from my pocket, and stumbled across this canoe by the swimming pond. I got an exposure I was happy with (iphone camera) and washed it through a few apps to archive the following.

20140627-221304-79984479.jpgFor comparison, I’ve also included the original photo. Have a great weekend, everyone!



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Bucktail Streamer

I sat down a few days ago and tied this bucktail streamer in an effort to fool some bass. It’s tied on a #2 hook and has a wire wrapped base to get it to sink. Green thread, gold tensile, green bucktail over wing for the back, yellow for the belly and a bright orange saddle hackle throat. I hope to have good things to report about this fly.



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Sitting at my tying table, tying in a maribou wing on a bass streamer, I keeping glancing up, looking at the American and Texas flags. I’d like to say its because I’m patriotic, and I guess there’s some truth in that, but I may as well tell you the whole truth.

Since becoming empty nesters, my wife and I have moved into a horse barn. In the typical fashion of modern barns, this one was built with an apartment in the corner. It’s on a friend’s ranch, which is also a youth camp. Two bedrooms and an efficiency style kitchen / dining / living room connected by a short hallway to the man cave. From my fly tying table, I look out the window and observe a pasture to the southeast, bordered on the right by a long gravel drive from the main road. At the far end of the pasture, and to the East, is a beautiful pond. The pond tends to go completely dry in the long summer months, but when it is full, as it is now, it’s truly stunning. No fish, but beautiful.

20140617-002721-1641525.jpgThere are other ponds only a few hundred yards from my door with largemouth bass, channel catfish, bluegill and crappie. Looking across the pasture, which at times is home to a handful or horses, a couple of bulls, lots of rabbits and the occasional lone coyote, I can see the flags at the end of the drive. Texas and America – welcoming visitors to the ranch.

20140617-002357-1437565.jpg It occurred to me today, just how often I look at those flags, and what clues I take from them. Observing that they are fully unfurled, displaying their complete design, I know it is windy. If they are laying flat against the flagpole, I’m starting to think about those ponds.

Looking out on this spring afternoon that hints strongly at summer, I know the easy Zephyr the flags indicate will be a perfect casting companion; a slight breeze to back cast into, and to carry my line gently to the water. As afternoon wears on I see less and less of our beloved flags, a signal that I need to be casting flies, not tying them.

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