It’s been a few years since I have fished with anything but a fly rod.  I tell myself I’m not a snob about it.  And I really don’t think I am.  So why did I feel like a backslider a few days ago when I caught a bass on a spinning rig.

For my true feelings about this, see my previous confession.  

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Fishing Update

Fishing Update

I took a walk down to the swimming pond this evening to see if I could wash off the skunk from the past few evenings.  

Mission accomplished.   


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Store Bought Flies

After attending a friend’s wedding reception this afternoon I stopped at Cabela’s to pick up some cone heads and hackle for some wooly buggers.  Feeling particularly affluent, I also dropped a buck seventy nine on a store bought Brewer’s Egg Regurgitating Leech.

A complete disclosure of my fishing and fly tying habits would reveal that if it’s a dry fly smaller than a size 16, I’m going to buy it, not tie it.  I’ll tie down to size 18 on nymphs, but am perfectly willing to offer my heard-earned cash for anything smaller.  That same disclosure would also show that I tie a lot of poppers and streamers for warm water bass and bluegill.

So, why did I buy this one?  I’m telling myself I bought it for the pattern, and will tie some myself later.  That’s what I say. . . but it’s not the truth.  The truth is, I saw a fly ready-to-fish, and in a lazy moment of weakness, paid my money and went fishing.

And now you know; I sometimes fish with store bought flies. It’s not a problem. I can quit any time.

Little Bass on Egg Regurgitating Leech




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I am very thankful for a dry dwelling place to spend a day like today. 


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Things That Grow

When I was child we always had a garden.  Every year we would plant, care for, and harvest tomatoes, beans, peas, onions, garlic, okra, zucchini, yellow squash, white squash, melons and more that I’m sure I just don’t remember.  The garden was always large, and we had plenty for ourselves and more than enough to share with friends.  My father let me sell fresh produce on the side of the road in front of our house to earn spending money for summer vacation.  I still remember the woman who bought lots of vegetables from me on the condition I install a large sign to advertise what I was doing (a stranger who cared and wanted to see me succeed).

Many years have passed since I had much of a garden.  So I finally got my act together to try a new type of gardening.  I have planted vegetables in straw bales. It’s something I saw on Facebook and researched a little on YouTube.  How did we garden without social media?

I’ve captioned these photos to sort of tell the story of the straw bale garden.

Setting the Straw Bales

Irrigation Installed (and approved by Sophie)

T-Posts and twine for Trellis. (trellis later replaced by wire fencing)

Cherry Tomatoes

Basil, Sage and Rosemary



Cherry and Grape Tomatoes


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The Quiet

It’s one of those evenings that sets the sun down softly, and the breeze comes gently. The birds have stopped singing, as if in reverence for this growing silence. I’ve got unfinished projects, and undone chores, but this sunset will happen with or without me, and with is better. It puts me in a quiet mood.  To quiet, even, to fish.


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A Monday Haiku


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