Here’s to the Bluegill (and all it’s cousins)

If you know me, you know I really enjoy fly fishing for Bluegill. I’ve often thought the lowly bluegill doesn’t get the respect it deserves. A lot of people relegate this to a “kids fish”. True – they’re easy to catch from a fishing pier or boat dock. But to get really nice gills, you have to be wiling to do some work, and it can be as challenging as stalking trout. On a recent trip to Colorado, my father in law gave me this carving. His brother (my wife’s uncle) has been carving for a few years now, and was kind enough to carve this one for me. What a cool gift!

Hand Carved Bluegill

Bluegill Carved For Me By My Wife’s Uncle.

Cameron, over at The Fiberglass Manifesto just posted that this is the “Year of the Bluegill”. Read about that here.

Lastly, if you’re interested in catching larger bluegill, you should read the Wilson’s book, Bluegill Fly Fishing and Flies. And check out the Wilson’s website for an excellent resource on Bluegill fishing.

10 thoughts on “Here’s to the Bluegill (and all it’s cousins)

  1. First off, what a great carving. I want one, too! Awesome work.
    Fly fishing for Bluegill has brought me more joy over the years probably than any other fish. Even though, I love chasin’ Rainbow Trout. Every year, when I was still working (now retired), I use to come done with a bad case of the “Bluegill Flu” about spawning time and have to take some time off work to get my fix. Thanks for the links!


  2. Just found your blog and I have to say I am in as far as the Bluegill is concerned. For the past couple of years I have a set a goal for myself with the fly rod to land 100 super size gills each fishing season. I start the goal in April and end the last of July. I made the goaL in 2011 and missed it this year my landing 78 I will set the same goal this year in hopes of making it. I am joining up with your blog and look forward to some great post on bluegill fishing. Thanks for sharing


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