Short Fly Fishing Documentary

People ask me, “What is it about fly fishing you enjoy so much?”  I try to answer them with different versions of how it is relaxing, challenging, rewarding, etc.  Just recently someone asked me what it is about trout, in particular, that makes me go crazy.  While talking with a brother, who I fish with when I can, he put it pretty simply.  He said the reason  he loves to fish for trout is because of where trout live.  He’s right.  Trout generally live in beautiful places and I absolutely love being in their home.

I found this video on the Orvis Fly Fishing Blog and it is an elegant explanation of what makes a fly fisherman tick.  No Zen, no spirituality.  Just an honest, well crafted narrative on a pastime I love so much.

12 thoughts on “Short Fly Fishing Documentary

    • To this day I can still remember the first time I saw someone flyfishing on a lake. I was about 14 and the flyline was glistening in the setting sun. I was mezmorized. It ended up that very gentleman took me under his wing and taught me not only how to fly fish, but how to tie flies. I remeber his name to this day. Grant Putnum.


      • Most people I know who fly fish had a mentor. Mine was my oldest bother, who introduced me to the sport and who is a favorite fishing partner to this day.


  1. Beautiful. This video very much speaks to me. I dearly love fly fishing and stopped conventional fishing well over 20 years ago. I don’t know why I love fly fishing so much but I do. The masochistic urge to wake in the predawn hours, load a large thermos full of hot coffee and stumble out on an icy cold stream to catch something you ultimately will let go is surreal. Yet, once in the cold stream, I become mesmerized with the water, the nature around me, the hatch as it comes up off the stream with the morning dawn, the hunt for the evasive fish and the dance of the line carrying the fly through the air only to land ever so delicately on the water. It is a catharsis as I am removed from all technology – no cell phone, no GPS, no computer, no nothing; just me, the stream, the hatch and the fish. It’s beauty unlike anything else I have ever beheld. To make it an even more ethereal is that I fish only with my own hand tied flies. Catching a nice fish on a fly you tie is just a wonderful experience. I am hooked and will be the rest of my life. Thanks for sharing.


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